Vila do Conde police accused of accepting bribes

Police accused of accepting bribes told to “keep better company”

A judge in Vila do Conde is being kept amused by stories from police accused of accepting bribes to “turn a blind eye to illegalities committed by the Chinese community”.
She has been regaled with reasons why GNR agents were found with homes full of flip-flops and bikinis – and in one case, a large pair of clown’s shoes.
She has listened to how a simple dinner ended with a policeman’s payment of €50 being “thrown to the floor” by a Chinese man who did not want to accept it and, at one point, lost in a web of incomprehension, she remarked: “You have to be more credible because if you can’t, I will have to conclude you are an idiot. And you can’t be an idiot, because you are an agent of the GNR.”
Patiently, following an explanation by one of the officers as to how he offered to pay his share of a dinner partaken with a Chinese man, only to see the latter throw his money to the floor, the judge suggested that the policeman would be wise to choose his dining partners with more circumspection in future.
Witnesses to this week’s hearings, which involved five policemen, will be delighted to learn that next week the bench is to be faced with another group of GNR men accused of not policing a bar in return for invitations to a lesbian show.
The cases all result from PJ investigations that went ahead two years ago. No judgements have come thus far, possibly because the bench is too busy laughing.