Polar turns Arctic: Portugal braces for another major dip in temperatures

If you thought it was getting nippy, think again. From Wednesday the polar front we’ve been experiencing will go Arctic.

Weather expert Maria João Frada put it into more precise terms: “After Wednesday and as far as we can see up to Friday or Saturday, we are going to get serious cold weather.

“It won’t be polar, it will be a mass of air with Arctic thermodynamics and air. In other words, it will be colder and drier in comparison to what we have been experiencing up till now”.

Wednesday will see a “significant drop” in temperatures, both minimums and maximums.

Translated into degrees centigrade, the meteorologist working for IPMA (institute of sea and atmosphere) suggests minimums will drop “four or six degrees” and maximums by seven to nine, seeing 0ºC along some parts of the coast, minus 0º in the interior and maximums unlikely to pass 10º anywhere but the Algarve (which might muster 12-14º).

The good news for those who hate rain is that this is now “very unlikely”, and if any kind of precipitation ensures, it will more than likely come in the form of snow.

Thus the message remains, hunker down and keep homes warm and snug.

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