‘Point system’ looms for Portuguese driving licenses

Portugal will soon be introducing a new system for driver’s licences using cumulative points to punish drivers for traffic violations instead of the current system of fines and licence suspensions.

Hopes are that the new system will “increase the degree of awareness and driver accountability for their behaviour”, says the Ministry of Internal Administration, which has otherwise kept details under wraps.

The system, similar to that of the UK, was suggested as part of the ‘National Strategy for Road Safety 2008-2015’. It has since gained traction as government officials see data from the many countries that use it.

In Britain, for example, courts can fine and ‘endorse’ driving licences with penalty points if drivers are convicted of a motoring offence.

Website www.gov.uk adds that drivers risk losing licences if they build up “12 or more penalty points within a period of three years”.

Although details on the Portuguese version remain scarce, the Secretary of State for Internal Administration João Almeida has said that a draft law should be presented in Parliament by the end of March.