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Poets and pints

Members and guests of the Algarveans Theatre Group took time out on November 25 to celebrate 20 years of amateur theatre in the Algarve with a night themed Poets and Pints.

Dinner was served in the Portarade Restaurant, Ferragudo, while performances were given by several of the members.

A variety of acts were performed, ranging from a comic puppet show to a more serious session of poetry reciting.

Unbeknown to all, host and organiser of the evening Gordon Ackerman had planted six disguised judges in the room, who decided on a winner for performances given.

Tony Sanders was announced winner for his rendition of Rindacella, a tongue twisting version of Cinderella, and was awarded with a plastic Oscar trophy.

The Algarvean’s Theatre Group is currently preparing for their next production, the pantomime of Aladdin, to be performed at the Lagoa Auditorium on February 2, 3 and 4.

For more information about the Algarveans Theatre Group, or to become a member, please contact [email protected].