PM promises new hospital system for Algarve before August

Prime Minister António Costa has assured that the Algarve’s new “university hospital management system” will be implemented by the end of July.

The promise was made at the inauguration of Faro Airport’s new terminal building on Monday (July 19) (click here).

“How is it possible that such an attractive region, where so many people like to live and spend their holidays, has so many difficulties attracting and securing health professionals,” the PM questioned.

To help fix this issue “once and for all”, a new hospital management system has been created – CHUA, or in other words, the Algarve’s University Hospital Centre.

It will feature four units: Faro hospital; Portimão and Lagos hospitals; the São Brás physiotherapy centre (CMRS); and the University of the Algarve.

Costa believes the new system will allow “health professionals to find not only an opportunity for further training but mostly to value their careers”.
Most of the Algarve’s public health sector issues have been blamed on the current CHA hospital management board, which combined the management of the Algarve’s three hospitals (Lagos, Portimão and Faro) in 2013.

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