PM holds out for absolute majority in January elections: if not, will resign

Prime minister António Costa is refusing any thought of a ‘central alliance’ with the PSD, the only ‘other party’ with a chance of victory in upcoming legislative elections.

He reiterated in interview with CNN Portugal yesterday that he wants an absolute majority, and will resign if he doesn’t get one. 

In the PM’s mindset, a clear majority is the only result that can guarantee the country four years of stability – and if people do not vote for one, it will be clear that after six years governing the country, they want someone new at the helm.

Mr Costa was talking as the country inches closer to what will be a very hard fought electoral campaign in January.

Discussing other aspects of politics, he admitted that it was “probable” that Pedro Nuno Santos, the current minister for infrastructures – responsible for ‘saving’ the restructuring deal for TAP (click here) – will be his successor as a future leader of the PS Socialist Party.

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