PM Costa presents “StayAway” Covid app saying download is our ‘civic duty’

Officially presenting Portugal’s mobile phone contact tracing app “Stayaway Covid” in Porto today, prime minister António Costa said it is the nation’s civic duty to use it. 

“Stayaway Covid” is a voluntary app which “through the physical proximity between smartphones allows for chains of contagion to be detected anonymously and rapidly”. 

Exhorted Mr Costa “Do not be afraid”.

The app will “guarantee the pandemic doesn’t run out of control”, he said – hinting for the first time that a second lockdown is not perhaps as ‘out of the question’ as he suggested back in July (click here).

The PM’s message, relayed by Rádio Renascença, was: “The only way of ensuring that the pandemic doesn’t run out of control and that the country doesn’t have to go through the same as what happened in the months of March and April depends uniquely on citizens”.

Mr Costa added the app “doesn’t guarantee the cure, but it does promise to interrupt chains of transmission”.

Stayway Covid was initially due for presentation by the end of June (click here).