PM Costa “disappears in the crowds” on Lagoa beach

Anyone VIP-spotting this month in the Algarve will be spoilt for choice. From Manta Rota to the west, politicians, stars and personalities of all shapes, sizes and political hues will be cavorting in their idea of what might (or might not) be a disguise.

Most are using the well-worn strategy of hiding in plain sight. With the hundreds of thousands thronging south-coast beaches, it is difficult to find one’s own beach towel on return from a dip, let alone start trying to “spot any lurking personalities”.

But prime minister António Costa appears to be resorting to a few added strategies to keep out of the limelight.

Photographed this week on what was described as a beach in the area of Lagoa, he was seen to be sporting quite a few days’ growth of beard and a large straw hat.

Otherwise unremarkable in beach shorts and sunglasses, he is due to stay in the area for at least another few days, say reports, although “the end of next week” should see him and his family returning to Lisbon, as even in August national issues highlighted in the press leave little time for beach fun and frolics.

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