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MUSE IS coming to Portugal on June 6 to perform at Rock in Rio Lisboa at Parque da Bela Vista.

It is hard to say in which exact genre they play. Muse sound is new, fresh and not easily copied, so is exceptional. A huge reason for their status is the talented Matt Bellamy on vocals. It is easy to recognise the band because of this.

Muse came out with their self-titled album in 1998. In 1999 Muse released their first album Showbiz. It is an excellent album that combines soft melodies and heavy chords.

In 2000, Muse released Origin of Symmetry, undoubtedly the album that made them a British phenomenon. A fresh sound with great songs and great lyrics, with the anthem on the album being Plug In Baby, it reached the Top 20 of the UK singles chart.

After a successful European Tour, Muse won an award in Kerrang’s Best Live Act. This was followed by their 2003 album release Absolution. This album put across a ‘to the heart feel’ with songs like Sing for Absolution, Butterflies and Hurricanes, Falling Away With You and Thoughts of a Dying Atheist.

In 2006 they released their fifth studio album entitled Black Holes & Revelations. In this album they turned to another source of inspiration. It involves more synthesizer work, giving the songs and the album a complete 80s feel, unrivalled by anyone until then. The first single Supermassive Black Hole reached number four in the UK singles chart.

Muse has done something that is becoming more uncommon today. They started with nothing, believed in their music and skill, and tweaked a formula that was over done in today’s modern age, and renewed it to give it a sound that is clearly distinct.

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