Plight of animals in Portugal

Dear Editor,

How heart-breaking to read of the ANIMAL reports which you have high-lighted in your publication on several occasions, considering the harrowing plight of donkeys and domestic animals – along with the cruelty of bull-fighting and ‘sport’ hunting. These reports only go to backing up our experiences in this region.

Having established the first small-animal veterinary clinic in the Algarve, it took our friends almost nine years to engender some sort of feeling in the Portuguese population for the fate which their animals were forced to endure.

Thankfully, there are now Portuguese veterinarians in place and the trend has started upwards.

During last year’s drought, we witnessed animals dying of hunger on bare soil and thirst within sight of a river of fresh-water.

The example of expatriates also began to lift the abysmal level of animal welfare in Spain. It was not local effort which forced the closure of the zoo in Ayamonte and somewhat improved facilities.

We hope others with join the ANIMAL, anti-bullfighting and other campaigns often mentioned in your paper.


Vila Real de SA