Plea for the Algarve to be added the UK travel corridor immediately

Dear Editor,

Please find below an email I have sent to the President (of Portugal) today:

Dear President, I hope you are well. I have just sent a message to the Portuguese Prime Minister and have tweeted many times to Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab and Grant Shapps regarding my plea to the UK government that they include the Algarve on the UK Travel Corridor List immediately.

Myself and many thousands of UK holidaymakers are absolutely devastated that our government have excluded Portugal from the list and are desperate to get it included as soon as possible.

We don’t want to go anywhere else and just don’t understand why the Algarve is not on the list! I travel every year to the beautiful Algarve with my husband and twin girls, our children have grown up loving the Algarve, and we are all so upset by the uncertainty of whether we will be able to board our BA flight and travel on July 31 to Faro.

We have friends who live near Lagos and they just cannot understand why the Algarve is not part of the UK travel corridor. Many UK schools have already broken up for the summer holidays and English schools break up next week, so we are eager to know if we can travel to the Algarve as soon as possible.

If the government doesn’t review the list until July 27, it’ll be too late for thousands of UK holidaymakers and many won’t be able to travel at all this year!
Please, we are begging you, please do all you can to make our dreams of visiting the Algarve later this month a reality! Thank you for reading my plea.

Elizabeth Davis
By email