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PLAYING WITH FIRE by Gordon Ramsay

PLAYING WITH FIRE by Gordon Ramsay is out in paperback at 11.20 euros

“Not a sausage, penniless, broke, f*****g nothing and although at a certain age that didn’t matter hugely, there came a time when hand-me downs, cast-offs and football boots with odd sizes, all pointed to a problem that seem to have afflicted me, my mum, my sisters, Ronnie and the whole lot of us. It was as though we had all been dealt the all time dysfunctional poker hand.

“I wish I could say that from this point the penny dropped and I decided to do something about it but it wasn’t like that. It would take years before there was any significant change. Before, as they say, I had a pot to piss in.

“This is the story of how that change took place.”

A perennial object of speculation and fascination, constantly in the media, Gordon Ramsay is a major figure of our times. How has he become a world famous chef and business man, while juggling a multitude of other commitments including books, television programmess, product endorsements, public speaking – not to mention a young family? Learn the secrets behind Gordon Ramsay’s phenomenal success  and his version of the truth behind the headlines.

The language is, of course, raw; the narrative not exactly flowing seamlessly but this is a fascinating insight into a man whose craggy face has become known worldwide.