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Player is knocked out – and then dropped off  a stretcher

Olhanense forward Salvador Agra is recovering after being knocked unconscious at the weekend in a match against Uniao Leiria – and then being dropped off a stretcher.

As half-time approached, Salvador challenged for a high ball and was caught accidentally by an opposing player’s knee.

The 19-year old collapsed in a heap and went into convulsions as members of both teams stripped off their shirts and begun fanning the unresponsive young striker.

One spectator present told the Algarve Resident: “It was obvious that young Salvador Agra was in great distress. The players immediately knew it was serious.”

Help did eventually arrive in the form of the medical team, who decided to stretcher the player off and into a waiting ambulance.

Unfortunately, this didn’t quite go to plan as one of the medics was too eager to get to the emergency vehicle and as a result the stretcher tipped over, causing the player to roll off and drop to the floor.

“The medical staff rushed to the scene and if there is any criticism it must be for the ambulance, always on duty at matches and parked adjacent to the pitch. They were very slow to react and the medical staff decided to carry Salvador on a stretcher to the ambulance,” said the spectator.

“The ambulance only managed to get onto the pitch perimeter. The player was treated on board and apparently regained consciousness on the way to Faro Hospital.”

After undergoing a CTT brain scan, which showed no abnormalities, Salvador was discharged from hospital on Monday but continues to be monitored.

He will be out of action for at least two weeks.

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