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Play delights audience

A Portada Theatre Group, now in its 10th year, performed a rib-tickling double bill at the historic Tethes Theatre in Faro at the weekend.

Tom Stoppard’s The Real Inspector Hound, directed by Priscilla Morgan, and Nicky Moran’s Snakes & Ladders were both performed with enthusiasm and panache by the amateur group.

Nicky Moran was superb in Snakes & Ladders, which is set in a council run sheltered housing unit. Her hour on stage brought many chuckles from the appreciative audience but also highlighted the concerns of the elderly who want to maintain their self respect in old age.

The cast of The Real Inspector Hound gave a slick performance, with Simon Tubb and Nigel Barber taking the main roles of theatre critics.

Simon Tancott gave a cameo performance as Inspector Hound, reminiscent of Peter Seller’s Inspector Clousseau, while Nicky Moran brought back memories of Julie Walter’s Mrs Overall in Acorn Antiques.

Touchelle Smyth and Marcia Meeuwissen added a touch of glamour to round off a great night’s entertainment.

I would strongly recommend taking the opportunity to see the final performances at the Municipal Auditorium in Lagoa tonight (Friday), tomorrow (Saturday) evening at 8pm or Sunday at 5pm.

All ticket sales from tonight’s event will be donated towards the Rod Smyth Kidney Transplant Appeal and at only 12 euros (children and students seven euros) per ticket, the theatre ought to be packed out.

Reviewed by CHRIS WRIGHT

For more information and to reserve tickets, please call 911 058 191 or email [email protected]. Tickets available at the venue.