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Plastic surgery

Advances in technology and surgical technique are making cosmetic surgery a popular option among men and women of all ages desiring a change in the way they look.

Aesthetic surgery has the power to enhance a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

At the Hospital Particular do Algarve, both in Alvor and Faro, an expert team of Plastic Surgeons, each specialising in various fields of plastic surgery,  perform the most varied types of procedures, most of them under local anesthetic not requiring hospitalisation.

Vibroliposuction (NIL Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture) – Vibroliposuction is the latest technique in cosmetic surgery for the removal of localised fat. It is an innovative technique in comparison to the traditional liposuction method (still widely used today). The Lipomatic equipment used in this technique, in addition to applying a suction vibration movement in the aspiration tube that disintegrates and fragments the fat, emulsifying it, also  facilitates aspiration. Very thin tubes are used, which significantly reduce tissue trauma. No hospitalisation is needed and the procedure has a duration of one-and-a-half hours under local anesthesia. The incisions are small and inconspicuous. There is a significant reduction of surgical and post-operative risk. Recovery is extremely fast and patients can usually resume their daily routine 48 hours after intervention.

Breast Augmentation – More and more women nowadays are undergoing cosmetic surgery, in particular breast enhancement surgery. At Hospital Particular do Algarve a high quality, micro-textured silicone gel implant is used with a lifetime warranty. In this way, a woman’s bust line can be increased by one or more bra cup sizes. This surgery is done under local anesthesia, via the areola and has an approximate duration of one-and-a-half hours. This technique does not leave perceptive scars. Hospitalisation is not necessary and the patient can return to her normal routine 48 hours after surgery.

Breast reduction – This surgery corrects overly large, flabby and sagging breasts, which can often occur after pregnancy or major weight loss. In most cases, there is a genetic cause and a woman is born with a predisposition for large breasts, which, later on in life, can cause major physical changes. This surgery can be performed from the age of 15 or as soon as the breasts are fully formed. The surgery consists in the removal of excess skin and gland and also in shaping the new sized breast and adapting and positioning the nipples to the new sized breast.

Vibrolipoabdominoplasty – This new technique of abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), which causes less tissue trauma than the traditional technique, allows for a subsequent reduction of hematoma and, therefore, a faster recuperation period with better results.  Various types of abdominoplasty surgery can be done, from complete abdominoplasty to partial abdominoplasty (mini-tuck). Abdominoplasty operations vary in scope and are frequently subdivided into categories. Depending on the extent of the surgery, a complete abdominoplasty can take one to five hours. A partial abdominoplasty (Mini-Tuck Abdominoplasty) can be completed between one and two hours.

Blepharoplasty – is often done as an elective surgery for cosmetic reasons, especially lower eyelid blepharoplasty, in order to improve puffy lower eyelid “bags” and reduce the wrinkling of skin. No hospitalisation is necessary and it is done under local anesthesia. In some cases, it can be done without resection of the skin of the lower lid, allowing for an even quicker recovery period.  Upper lid blepharoplasty is sometimes performed to improve peripheral vision as an excessive amount of protruding skin over the eyelashes may cause difficulty in driving and reading. 

Capillary Micro Transplant – Baldness is normally of a genetic etiology and common in many men.  It can be eased with medical treatment combined with surgical treatment. The process consists in making small graft one hair follicle transplants usually from the back of the neck where there is a greater density of follicles, to areas where there is a clear scarcity or absence of hair. It is a process with a high success rate that allows very natural results due to the technique of micro hair implant.

The object is to obtain a natural look, therefore avoiding a “doll’s hair” result.  No hospitalisation is necessary and it is done under local anesthesia. The length of this surgery can be extensive, as it is a handcrafted manual technique which passes through a critical five day post-operative compulsory rest period, until the newly crafted hair follicles adhere to the skin.

Rhinoplasty – Commonly referred to as a nose job, in most cases it is performed by a plastic surgeon to correct the aesthetic shape of the nose.

Videoendoscopic Facelift or Rhytidectomy – The object of this procedure is to give a more youthful appearance to the patient in order to mitigate the effects of time caused by  the severity of chronic sun damage to the face, which results  in the fall of tissues, deep wrinkles, sagging skin and a gradual and slow loss of neck contour.

This procedure aims at rejuvenating the face by repositioning the tissues located deep in the face, producing effective, durable and natural results.

The endoscope is an optical fiber, has a soft cannula, connected to an LCD monitor. It is less aggressive than the traditional facelift, the post operative videoendoscopic technique has a quicker recovery period and is less aggressive for the patient, as only small incisions are used. The procedure retrieves the facial expressions of sadness and fatigue, maintaining the slow aging facial process visible. The results have a lifespan of several years.

Otoplasty – is a cosmetic surgery aiming to change the  appearance of a person’s ears. Otoplasty can take many forms, such as bringing the ears closer to the head (often called ear pinning), reducing the size of very big ears, or reshaping various bends in the cartilage.

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