Plantas do Algarve – Plants of Algarve

A big welcome back to Plantas do Algarve – Plants of Algarve with ornamental interest after a long spell of being unavailable.

This bilingual edition by Fernando Santos Pessoa, José Rosa Pinto and José Rocha Alexandre is out in paperback at the new price of 12 euros.

The Algarve’s natural plants can better resist the climate variations throughout the year and are less demanding than most exotic garden plants, definitely in terms of irrigation.

This book is dense with colour photographs of trees, shrubs, perennial and bulbous herbs and climbers of the Algarve.

It encourages the use of natural plants in private and public landscaping to save precious resources and ensure that landscaping fits the natural topography of the region.

There is also a lengthy chapter on the development of our local landscape and a description of the history of the Algarve’s flora.

This second, revised and improved edition of Plantas do Algarve continues to be produced with the collaboration of the regional development commission, CCDR.