Plans to revamp train network

CONSTRUCTION AND improvement of the rail network in the Algarve will be a top priority for the next few years.

An evaluation study should be completed by May on the network about the potential conversion to suit a lighter metro train.

The lighter weight electric trains promise to shorten journey times and reduce pollution.

Community funds will be used to invest in an improved train network, with priority on the lines from Estombar to Lagos and Olhão to Loulé.

Plans also include expanding the network to go directly into Faro city centre, with stops at the University of the Algarve and airport plus a possible expansion to the city centres of Albufeira and Silves.

The Programa Regional de Ordenamento do Território do Algarve, regional planning programme, also proposed to transform the network all the way to Vila Real de Santo António, in an effort to create a faster route to reach the Spanish border.

A panel has been set up to present a plan for the project by June. Potentially, the new rail system could be in operation within five years.

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