Plans for two Algarve mega-kennels “vehemently rejected” by animal associations

In a concerted effort to stop plans for two Algarve ‘mega-kennels’ at polar-opposite ends of the region, animal protection groups have launched an appeal for dialogue.

They say “a new reflection is needed” and fast, before millions of euros are ploughed into ventures that will end up resolving nothing.

A statement released yesterday, and signed by associations the length and breadth of the region
(PRAVI Faro, PRAVI Albufeira, grupo CIAA (Faro), Animais de Rua (Faro), MAF – Faro, Coração 100 Dono (S. Brás de Alportel), 2NdHand4Footers (S. Brás de Alportel), SOS Algarve Animals (Loulé), Goldra Dog Sanctuary (Loulé), 3AT (Tavira), ADOTA (Tavira), GUADI (Vila Real de Santo António), Refúgio dos Burros (Lagoa), grupo Tiny Shelter (Albufeira), CCCatz (Lagoa), ADAP (Portimão), Cadela Carlota (Lagos), AEZA (Alzejur) and APAR, based in Olhão) thus hopes to put the brakes on moves by AMAL, the association of regional borough councils, which has been undertaking a financial study into the viability of building two massive new kennels, one in Alcoutim and the other ‘somewhere in the Barlavento area’ (click here).

“Vehemently rejecting” the plans, associations say they will simply boil down to “the storage of animals” which will preclude one of the tenets of protection work, which rests on animals’ well-being.

In ‘storing’ strays – in centres with up to 300 ‘cages’ – the prospects of being able to home them successfully will be reduced, while the bottom-line problems of abandonment will persist.

The way forwards, say associations, is to involve communities and groups that have years of experience in animal protection work.

A statement to this effect was made on Thursday January 5 and delivered to AMAL, with hopes that a “better solution for all concerned” can now be reached.

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