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Plans for Praia Grande

Dear Editor,

Words almost fail me having read your report on Praia Grande in the Algarve Resident (January 27 edition).

The story featured two property owners complaining that their land would not be built on, hence they could not cash in by selling more of the nation’s heritage.

Is this whole area not REN, a nature reserve, a controversial and valuable wetland that has been the subject of  much debate, activism and scrutiny with the controversial encroachment of CS Group’s Salgados development to the east and the creeping development of more blocks of apartments by the football ground to the west?

Your report seemed more like a press release from the developer. Are you not outraged as will be 99.99% of your readers that this vast sweep of beach, one of the Algarve’s jewels, is to be turned into yet more hotels, as if we need them, and another golf course, as if we need that as well?

The Algarve Resident should be leading the campaign against this sort of insensitive development, questioning how on earth permission has been granted, grilling the mayor greedy for rates income, and crying out for an end to this madness in the name of Big Business.

PAUL REES, by email

Editor’s note: Dear Paul, thank you for your comments. As journalists, we aimed to report just the facts. The story was not based on a press release from the developers, but on information from several sources. Regarding the campaign you are suggesting, this is something we are not considering at the moment. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with us.


Dear Editor,

I was horrified to read your article regarding that unspoilt stretch of coast and beach known as Praia Grande.  

With so many empty properties in evidence, half or quarter finished shells of buildings where the developers have gone bust and the formerly lovely beachfronts ruined by poorly thought out plans by developers in the past, Silves Câmara (not in my back yard) give permission in or adjacent to a protected area.

Portugal is in an economic and financial mess and could well have to leave the Eurozone at some time in the future.

Its Government stock is designated as junk on world markets.

Regardless, this ruinous development passes through; it will be difficult to find any remaining places of tranquility and beauty in Algarve.  

I pray that this will fail the final hurdle.