Plans for African Museum

LISBON CÂMARA members are studying plans to create a new museum in the city devoted to African culture, history and traditions.

The museum would be very different to Lisbon’s Ethnographic Museum, which houses a collection of ethnic tools, implements, folk costumes and decorative arts from Portugal’s former African, Indian and Brazilian colonies.

“The peoples of Africa, their traditions and culture make up an integral part of Lisbon’s identity and that’s why we should showcase all African culture in the capital,” said Lisbon Câmara member José Sá Fernandes.

The council member explained that the idea of creating an African Museum has arisen after he had visited the Museum of Ancient Art, Arte Antiga, and the recently opened Oriental Museum, Museu do Oriente.

“I was very impressed with the high quality of the new Oriental Museum and immediately saw its importance,” added José Sá Fernandes. “All African culture should be featured, not just because Lisbon was, and is, a cross roads and meeting and departure point for so many of these cultures, but because of the number of African descendants we have living in the city.”

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