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Planning a holiday with your pet? Think it through

Holidays looming ahead? Suitcases dusted, loaded and ready to go. The hat? The “Kiss Me Quick” one. Ha!

Where, when and how long depends on the family set up. Two adults, two children and a dog. Ah! Up to the internet and a quick Google browse to find the best deal you can find.

Pet friendly hotels, camping, glamping, you name it, someone has the perfect break for your family and the furry one. Bikinis, swim shorts, rubber floats, toys, flip-flops, the list becomes endless. As are the choices presented to us by the virtual web. Our needs are sorted.

What of the furry one? The canine pal? The creative genius will provide a special bag or box to load our friend’s requirements. A check list perhaps stapled to the side. A copy somewhere else, with vaccination book and boring stuff like emergency healthcare.

If there is a campsite shop or your hotel is near a supermarket, good. But emergencies do happen. Make sure there’s an extra tin of dog grub and biscuits, a special cool container for carrying water to and from the beach or country walk, and a large pooch towel. When doggies get over-heated, a damp towel spread over panting woof solves a horrible holiday tragedy.

Make sure, like human children, that the furry kind are kept in the shade, out of the raging sun. Avoid heavy tidal beaches or dense unknown forest areas.

Always have a map and make sure you have water and snacks for the trip. The café or restaurant you were relying on may be closed, over-booked or non-existent! Sat Nav isn’t always the saviour.

Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (APAA) have many members who are only too well aware of the wonderful highs and lows of pet-inclusive holidays. “We’ve all done it. Sometimes a break with pets works out for everyone, but the pet!” says Jenny Clarke, president of APAA, who has a solution. “If you’re not sure, ask your friendly vet. Or have a sensible family discussion whether it is a good idea or not.”

After the honeymoon is over, there could be a wet, tired and over-exercised canine on your hands. Leaving it in a room or chained outside the tent or caravan is not an alternative. Think it through. Think dog!

For more information about APAA, email [email protected], or check out Facebook

Loving homes needed


‘Rafa’ and ‘Lilly’ are still waiting for their forever home. To know more, contact Pet Park in Mexilhoeira Grande (Gary and Wendy 926 660 465).