Plane makes emergency landing after departing Faro Airport

An easyJet plane was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after departing from Faro Airport on Monday night due to a suspected fire in the engine.

Flight EZY29FE from Faro to Glasgow took off at around 9.33pm. However, around five minutes later, the pilots sounded the alarm over an emergency on-board.

According to reports, the pilots switched off the engine before preparing to make a rapid descent.

The Airbus A 320 spent around 20 minutes burning off fuel before returning to the airport, where it was met by dozens of emergency vehicles, according to Lusa news agency.

Firefighters swept the plane but found no evidence of a fire.

Meanwhile, an easyJet spokesperson told Daily Record UK that a replacement crew and aircraft was arranged and that passengers continued their journey to Glasgow yesterday evening.

By Michael Bruxo