Plan to make Loulé ‘cycling friendly’

A plan designed to encourage the use of bicycles in Loulé was presented last week by the local municipal authority.

“Loulé wants to be nationally and internationally recognised as a bike-friendly area by 2024, as well as a place where cycling is seen as a normal and appealing means of transportation due to its safe, fun and comfortable qualities for people of all ages,” Joaquim Guerreiro, public relations spokesperson of Loulé, told Lusa news agency.

The plan, entitled ‘CicloLoulé’, was presented by the president of the Portuguese federation of bicycle touring (FPCUB), and envisages the creation of a new cycling network equipped with parking areas and linked with other means of transport.

It was also revealed that there is hope that the increasing use of bicycles may contribute to the development of a “sustainable economy”, which could positively affect other sectors such as tourism, industry or sports.