Plan now for a better home

ClimaEcoControl is the reliable choice for high-quality service on windows and doors, and also photovoltaic central stations and solar panels.

Located in Lagoa at Parque Empresarial do Algarve, lote 2 RC Dto, opposite the Fatacil precinct, ClimaEcoControl offers windows and doors that will last a lifetime and combines the best in safety and comfort.

“The windows significantly contribute to the image and characteristics of a house. They are not just decorative items and influence the sense of wellbeing and the environment of a room.

“In addition to the above mentioned advantages, the installation of quality windows increases the value of your property. A proper architecture of the windows will increase the visual focus of a façade,” said ClimaEcoControlo manager Daniela Eden.

“The front door, along with the windows, creates the image of a house. It opens the way to the interior of your home, at the same time that it keeps burglars outside, and also retains heat and protects against noise and bad weather. The front door is the business card of your home,” she said.

“We recommend to our clients and future clients to start planning winter protection for their homes now. Planning ahead is the wisest thing to do and we are here to help.”

To contact with ClimaEcoControl, please call 282 041 431 or 925 100 102 or email [email protected] Alternatively, please visit their website, available in Portuguese, English and German, at