PJ police seize 4.5 tons of BMK – “substance used to make ecstasy”

They may not be ‘ecstatic’ but PJ police are delighted nonetheless with the joint operation with counterparts in Holland and Belgium which apprehended 4.5 tons of BMK, a substance used to make the banned drug ecstasy.

The load was flown into Portugal “from an Asiatic country” and destined for onward transport by road to “another European country” where it would have been used to make “around 30 million pills”.

Said a statement from the PJ today, the BMK (Fenil1-porpanona2) was “imported by members of a transnational criminal network that makes elevated quantities of synthetic drugs”.

This was one of the largest seizures of its kind ever to have been made on national territory, though it is unclear where or indeed when it went ahead.

According to photographs of the haul, the BMK appears to have been stored in large jerry cans, very much as a previous ‘major heist’ of 7 tons was when it was seized in Poland almost three years ago.

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