PJ police mount searches at INEM in Lisbon and Porto

Probe involves “matters relating to hiring of human resources”

PJ judicial police are searching the premises of the National Institute for Medical Emergencies (INEM) in Lisbon and Porto for matters related to the hiring of human resources, INEM sources confirmed to Lusa today.

According to sources, the authorities’ searches cover INEM’s board of directors in Lisbon, the North delegation and the Gaia logistics base.

In response to questions put by Lusa, INEM explained that the searches taking place in Lisbon and Porto are related to “a specific procedure for hiring human resources”.

The institute added that it is “collaborating with the authorities, providing all the documentation requested”.

The information was trailed by CNN Portugal this morning, which revealed that there are also suspicions of violating the rules of public procurement, as well as indications of the crimes of malfeasance and falsification of documents in the contracting of resources for medical aid, in an enquiry being carried out by thePorto Regional Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DIAP).

SIC Noticias meantime has cited “eventual suspicions of abuse of power”.

Source material: LUSA/ SIC Notícias