PJ police carry out searches at Turismo de Portugal

Portugal’s Judicial Police were today searching the Lisbon premises of Turismo de Portugal.

According to reports in Diário de Notícias, the PJ’s anti-corruption unit wanted access to contracts and documentation “relating to the promotion of Portuguese tourism in Brazil and other countries”.

Suspicions centre on a former member of the administrative board who “could have awarded business” to chums in the sector, claims DN – with TSF radio suggesting the years in question are 2012-2014, and Público revealing that today’s searches were prompted by an investigation started “months ago”.

It was “all change” very recently at Turismo de Portugal following the sudden resignation of former president João Cotrim Figueiredo, who left, says DN, “in rupture” with the Secretary of State for Tourism, Ana Mendes Godinho (click here).

With Figueiredo two other key players at the institute – Luís Matoso and Jorge Abrantes – also resigned.

Turismo de Portugal has this far refused to comment on the police searches that were still ongoing at 3.30pm this afternoon, saying only that a statement will be released later today.

But Público has researched into the dates and revealed that in 2012 Turismo de Portugal was led by Frederico Costa who left in 2013, at which point João Figueiredo Cotrim took his place.

A number of top brass who worked with Costa remained at the institute with Cotrim, writes Público, including Luís Matoso and Teresa Monteiro, who is today vice-president.

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