PJ police arrest Faro shooting suspect

Police have arrested a man suspected of shooting another man in the face in the Penha area of Faro in what was described as a “settling of scores”.

The victim had to be taken to a Lisbon hospital to undergo facial reconstruction surgery but his life is “not at risk”.

According to PJ criminal police, the only reason he survived was because of the shooter’s “poor aim and handling of the weapon”.

The suspect, 24, is being held on suspicion of attempted homicide.

A PJ source has also told Lusa news agency the shooting may be related to “a settling of scores due to drug trafficking” though it is “still too early to determine the motive”.

The shooting happened just after 5am on Tuesday (September 26) near the Montepio bank in Penha.

The victim was inside a parked car with other people when the shooter approached the vehicle and fired at him.

The shooter, who was accompanied by another person, then drove off “at high speed”.

The suspect was arrested by PJ police the following day and is being held in custody until trial.

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