PJ investigates shooting of Celtic fan

POLICE ARE investigating the shooting of a Glasgow Celtic fan in Lisbon last Thursday.

The shooting happened when a group of Celtic fans, in Portugal to watch their team play with Benfica in a Champions League game, went to a disco and bar in the Docas de Santo Amaro, a popular night spot of the city.

According to witness reports, the fans were drinking and partying near the Hawaii bar when a fight broke out. A couple of shots were fired, injuring one of the fans.

Police was called and when they arrived, they found a man, aged 26, who is believed to be Irish but whose identity was not released, lying on the floor with gun injuries to a leg and another man with injuries resulting from the fight.

The emergency teams from INEM were called and the man with gunshot injuries was transported to Hospital São Francisco Xavier.

The other injured fan, also believed to be from Ireland and aged 29, refused medical assistance.

According to the medical teams who assisted them, both were very drunk.

The assailant is now being sought by the Polícia Judiciária, who have already seized the CCTV system from the bar and identified three of the security staff members of the Hawaii bar for questioning.

A spokesperson from the Polícia Judiciária confirmed to The Resident that the case had been investigated by the PJ and added that the file was already in the hands of the Public Prosecutor.

However, the source could not give any details on the investigation, if any suspects were already identified or if the victims had formally complained.

The Resident contacted the Irish embassy to confirm if any incident with a Celtic fan had been reported on that day, but no one was able to confirm.

A spokesperson confirmed the report of a minor incident with an Irish citizen early last week but could not be precise if the person was a Celtic fan or the circumstances of that minor incident.

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