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PJ investigates man’s death in road incident


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POLÍCIA JUDICIÁRIA are investigating the death of a man who was found with his skull crushed, on the roadside between Lagoa and Sesmarias at around 6.30am on Tuesday morning.

The victim, Emilio dos Santos, a 41-year old immigrant from Cape Verde, was found by a man driving along the deserted road.

Manuel João Martins, who found the body and telephoned the emergency services, said: “I saw a mass on the road and

Lagoa fire brigade clean up the scene of the incident on Tuesday.
Lagoa fire brigade clean up the scene of the incident on Tuesday.

avoided it but stopped to see what it was. I saw the body of a man with a violent head wound and immediately telephoned 112.”

When Lagoa GNR arrived at the scene shortly afterwards, they decided to close the road to traffic at each end for around five hours while the scene was investigated by the Polícia Judiciária.

A spokesman for Lagoa GNR at the scene told The Resident: “We were called at 6.30am by a driver who saw the body. The victim was wearing work clothes and probably worked on a building site nearby.”


Paramedics removed the body from the road at around 11.30am and took it to the Instituto de Medicina Legal, the legal medical institute in Portimão. The fire brigade then cleaned up the road before it was reopened to traffic.

“The accident happened when it was dark and although there are street lights along the road, it could have been foggy, which could have caused the accident,” said the GNR spokesman.

When asked about the absence of brake marks along the tarmac and why, if the death was probably caused by a car, the driver did not stop, the GNR spokesman would not comment.

A spokesman for the Polícia Judiciária told The Resident on Wednesday: “We are currently investigating the case to determine the cause of death. That is all we can say at the moment.”

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