PJ investigate last hours of Vieira do Minho “chicken” boss

The mystery of what led a seemingly successful businessman to burn to death on the side of a road in his Renault Megane car is in the hands of PJ police who are described as going through the 45-year-old’s “final hours with a fine toothed comb”.

Questions include why did Jose Manuel Fernandes Cachada travel 60 kms to the spot on the EN103 where his car was finally discovered burning ferociously.

Say reports today, for now the possibility that crime was involved “cannot be discounted”.

The alert went out shortly after lunchtime on Friday.

A local man known as “Manel Pastor” noticed smoke, and approaching the blazing car realised there was someone inside it.

He told his local paper, O Minho, that he got the attention of two drivers passing by and they called the authorities.

But according to national tabloid Correio da Manhã, an earlier witness “guarantees” to have passed the spot almost two hours earlier, at which point he/ she (gender is unclear) “noticed there was a lot of smoke behind some trees”.

The witness did not notice the car, says CM. But he/ she added that there was a very large truck parked in the spot at the time.

José Cachada’s body is due to be autopsied today, at which point some of the PJ questions may receive answers.

The father-of-two was “one of the principal people responsible” for chicken-breeding business Pintobar of Amares (Braga district) – a concern that has been running since 1982.