PJ inspectors sue government for recovery of €4 million in lost salary payments

The syndicate of criminal investigators (ASFIC) has advanced with a judicial action against the State, claiming the restitution of €4 million in ‘lost salary payments’ to around 2000 PJ inspectors over the course of eight years.

According to ASFIC, the ‘subsidies for risk’ – amounting to €12 per month – were dropped due to an ‘administrative error’.

Piling up over time, this means each inspector is now due around €1,500.

ASFIC’s president Ricardo Valadas says the problem was detected last July.

The syndicate got in touch with the Finance Ministry but “has not even received a reply”.

Valadas told reporters: “It is very sad that an administrative error by the State cutting people’s salaries has to see those people using money from their pockets to go to the courts to correct the mistake”.

ASFIC’s case entered Lisbon’s Country Court (Tribunal Judicial da Comarca) last week.

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