PJ inspector saves murder suspect from mob fury – UPDATE

A PJ police inspector had to wade into a crowd of angry people to save a suspected murderer on the run from serious injury.
The bizarre rescue took place in Odiáxere on Thursday (March 13), three days after José “Quebra Telha” is believed to have shot dead his former boss, Lagoa scrapyard dealer Luís Duarte, 75.
The man had been tracked down to the little village by locals before the police arrived to arrest him.
“When he was captured, he was already being beaten by locals, among which was the son of the victim,” writes Correio da Manhã this morning.
“He had already been beaten for more than five minutes. A police inspector had to throw himself into the middle of the confusion and pull the man from the hands of the people.”
Due to appear in court this morning (Friday), José “Quebra Telha” is reported to have confessed to the murder, but denies having stolen €10,000.
According to Correio da Manhã, he has told police he shot Luís Duarte after the pair began arguing.
The murder took place in Duarte’s Auto Peçusa warehouse in Pateiro sometime before 8am on Monday morning, March 10.
Initial reports suggested the murderer had helped himself to the contents of Duarte’s safe before making off in the victim’s Peugeot Partner van, later found abandoned in nearby Calvário.