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PJ inspector arrested by his own men in Lisbon

A PJ inspector attached to the national unit fighting corruption has been detained by his own men as a result of a long-running investigation into the disappearance of various quantities of cash.

According to reports, the police chief – recently transferred from duties within the PSP (urban) force – is suspected of having “appropriated the money, which his force was keeping for the State at the PJ’s own premises”.

The money had been confiscated as a result of “operations in which this inspector is believed to have intervened”, writes Correio da Manhã.

The unit’s ‘investigations’ into how it might have been vanishing has been running “for many months, and is still not concluded”, the paper added.

But the inspector was arrested yesterday (Tuesday) and is now in preventive custody waiting a decision by Carlos Alexandre, the man dubbed ‘superjudge’ for the fact that he is overseeing multiple investigations into alleged corruption and financial skullduggery.

CM adds that the money allegedly stolen by the PJ inspector had been confiscated in the ambit of ‘economic crimes’.

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