PJ helps dismantle Balkan cocaine trafficking cartel

Europol has announced the dismantling of a Balkan cocaine trafficking cartel thanks to the help of law enforcement authorities from Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Portugal. Says the European police force, the cartel was mainly composed of Montenegrin nationals. Investigations began in 2019 following cocaine seizures in Aruba (Dutch Antilles), Cote d’Ivoire, Portugal and Spain. The seizure in Portugal “uncovered possible links” between the network and Italy’s mafia-style organisation ’Ndrangheta. This same seizure led to the identification of 17 new suspects – 13 of whom were Montenegrin nationals. During the course of the investigation, 29 suspects in total were prosecuted in Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia and Portugal. ‘Action day’ bringing down the cartel completely went ahead on Wednesday, seizing along with final arrests “expensive watches, bank cards, documents, ammunition and weapons, a vehicle, a speedboat and cash”.