One of Pizzeria Capri's true Neapolitan pizza

Pizzeria Capri – the true Neapolitan pizza

People talk about health, the Mediterranean diet, healthy and long lives, but how many really go down this path and pursue these goals? For quite a few they’re just ‘trendy’ speeches followed in the media or light conversations between friends. Pizzeria Capri embodied and implemented this principle, endorsed by the international scientific community, to offer you the real Neapolitan pizza, a dish amongst the most recognised and healthiest in the Mediterranean diet.

Anyone can ride the wave of notoriety sanctioned by the Confraternita Della Pizza Italiana (Guild of Italian Pizza) but to do so, it’s necessary to follow simple but rigorous rules and procedures, otherwise surrogates – that can even produce opposite effects – are born.

Located in Olhos de Água, near the Alfamar Hotel, Pizzeria Capri uses only genuine and original products as mentioned in the ‘Disciplinare’ of the real Neapolitan pizza. The right dough, handwork and skills, and canonical cooking allow them to produce something perfect, tasty, easily digestible and healthy. And those who eat it experience, not only the happiness of eating one of the best meals of the Mediterranean Diet, but also the satisfaction of having followed the instructions of the scientific community for the good of their health.

When Ioan Miel decided to open his ‘ristorante’ he was still processing the overwhelming experience of visiting the island of Capri – “the pungent scents of the Mediterranean filled the air. Basil, oregano, parsley and thyme were the perfume of the island. As I walked by, each cobblestone road told a different story, but the cuisine was the main act”, he tells us. “At Pizzeria Capri I want to bring some of this experience back to you, so you can also fall in love with it, like I did”, he adds.

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View of Pizzeria Capri's interior

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