Pixie’s story

Since the advent of the modern lixo bin (skip), we (Happy Hounds) have rescued and hand-reared 342 puppies and kittens, aged anything from one day to a week old. They have been thrown away in sacks and plastic bags.

The last seven we found dumped after they had been sprayed with toxic insecticide. Even as rescuers, we had to be very careful, because these toxins could have been absorbed through our skin. The constant cruelty and abuse of animals and the indifference shown by many, makes the work we do totally heart-breaking.

For 40 years, we have advocated sterilisation as the only humane way to reduce the number of unwanted animals. This does not mean we enjoy sterilisation. We do it because it is a necessity.

Pixie was found tied to our steps having been left without even a note of explanation. She looked more like a toast rack, with an enormous head, than a dog. Her condition was so wretched that it was not apparent until the last week that she was pregnant. Too late to be sterilised, she produced seven beautiful, healthy puppies.

Many people may think that the sensible option would be to put some of them to sleep, but we have decided not to be sensible and intend to allow Pixie to rear her babies in a safe and caring environment, thus mitigating in our way some of the heart-break which most of us share.

In two months’ time, we will need your help to give this story a happy ending. We must find homes to guarantee a loving and secure future for these new arrivals.

If you feel able to give a home to any of these healthy Great Dane cross puppies, please phone LAPS on 282 687334, or 936945621 after 6pm.