Pitbull savages poodle to death in Olhão

A runaway pitbull is now under a form of house arrest after savaging a small poodle to death on Christmas Day in Olhão.

The horror was caught on film by eye-witness José Faria, 52, who heard the “defeaning” sound of dogs barking as he walked along D. João VI Avenue.

“I crossed the road and saw a horrible scene,” he told national tabloid Correio da Manhã. “The pitbull was on top of the poodle, his mouth full of blood, pulling it apart with his teeth.”

Faria managed to drive the pitbull off its prey, but it was too late. The poodle lay dead on cobblestones spattered with blood as the pitbull’s owners appeared, apparently saying their pet had “run away”.

The owners took the dog home, but have since been reported to PSP police.

According to CM, the pitbull will now be ‘overseen’ by municipal veterinary services. No other information on the dog’s fate has been released.

Meantime, the owners of the dead poodle have yet to be identified, writes the paper.