Pirilampos correction

Pirilampos correction

Dear Editor,

The article submitted by Rene, concerning the Pirilampos children’s home, was very good (see The Resident edition of July 14), and has already led to offers of help for the home. However, there was a mistake in Rene’s letter and I would be most grateful if you would publish a short correction. I am a volunteer who lives next door to Pirilampos, and I have helped them since the home opened in the early 80s. Although the letter does not specifically say that I am the manager of the home, it is inferred, and the number given is my home phone. In fact, the Pirilampos is run by Dra Isabel, and the number at the home is 289 542 515. Dra Isabel was on holiday on the day of the visit, so I showed the visitors round with Dra Graça.

It was also not made clear in Rene’s letter that donations to Pirilampos can be made directly to the Sta Casa da Misericórdia de Albufeira. All the everyday expenses at the home, utility bills, transport, staff wages and food are paid for by the Sta Casa. To help with this, cheques can be posted to the Sta Casa da Misericórdia, Apt 2117, 8200-916 Albufeira, with a covering note asking for the donation to be used towards Pirilampos.

The bank account details given by Rene were for the Amigos das Crianças account, which is administrated by me, with the Provedora of Sta Casa da Misericórdia, Dona Helena Serra, as a co-signee. The money in this account is used to provide repairs, clothes, equipment, outings, dental and optician treatment.

Many thanks to you and your readers for your continued support for the children at Pirilampos.

Mrs Peta Birch, Ferreiras