Pirates and politics

Pirates of all nationalities, including the English, have targeted the Algarve since Roman times as it has always been difficult to defend and therefore vulnerable to attack. 

Peter Booker discusses the role of pirates in the history of the Algarve and looks at how much international brigandage was government sponsored in his talk to be held on April 26 from 7pm at ASCA on Rua do Comunitário in Almancil.  Entry to the talk costs three euros.

A second talk, taking place on April 20 at 6.30pm in Convento São José, Lagoa, costing two euros, and being repeated on April 30 at the Municipal Library in Tavira from 11am with free entry, will look at the life of Manuel Teixeira Gomes, a politician and writer from the Algarve, who became Ambassador for Portugal to Great Britain in 1911.

During the First World War, he managed to retain friendship between King George V and Queen Mary even though he was representing the new republican government of Portugal and the exiled Manuel II was a guest of the British government.

A successful businessman, author, painter and diplomat, he was persuaded to stand for Presidency in Portugal.

Peter will be explaining why Manuel Teixeira Gomes is still held in high esteem by republican leaders and why today we should honour his memory.

For further information about the talks, please call 281 971 567 or email [email protected]