Pirate fishing protest

GREENPEACE ACTIVISTS have chained the propellers of four vessels in the port of Aveiro, between Porto and Lisbon, to demonstrate against illegal fishing.

Campaigners hoisted flags with slogans saying “Take these pirates out of the sea” and called for the Portuguese ministry of fisheries to guarantee that the boats would be unable to fish again.

All the vessels that have been chained together are owned by Grupo Silva Vieira, who Greenpeace allege are involved in pirate fishing including fishing without a flag, using illegal equipment and exceeding legal quotas.

Greenpeace International Oceans campaigner, Farah Obaidullah said: “It is outrageous that pirate vessels are still receiving services in European harbours and are able to continue fishing illegally, despite current legislation.

“The fact that a vessel blacklisted by the EU has received docking permission and services demonstrates the lack of political will by the Portuguese authorities to tackle pirate fishing.”

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