“Pioneering” salt art exhibition to be unveiled in Castro Marim

“Pioneering” salt art exhibition to be unveiled in Castro Marim

Salt was harvested from local salt pans and turned into works of art

A “pioneering exhibition which turns salt into art” will be inaugurated at Castro Marim’s Casa do Sal on Friday, January 26 at 5pm.

Created by artist and author Pedro Seromenho and inspired by the salt pans of Castro Marim, the exhibition is entitled ‘Pôr-do-Sal’ – a play on words in which ‘sun’ (sol) is replaced by ‘salt’ (sal) in the Portuguese expression for sunset (pôr-do-sol).

The exhibition will feature 10 drawings depicting traditional professions, such as shepherds, fishermen, water carriers, salt workers, or basket weavers, and an “artistic installation measuring 12 metres”. Additionally, there will be a one-week residency during which artist Pedro Seromenho will create drawings with salt, the Municipal Council of Castro Marim announced in a statement.

The inauguration ceremony “will be the culmination of many hours of work,” the council adds, explaining that the artist will be finishing his work “live and in front of everyone,” allowing visitors to “closely observe the technique of this ephemeral art.”

The salt used in this exhibition was harvested from the salt pans of Castro Marim in September of last year, a process which visitors will be able to learn about by viewing a time-lapse video at the venue.

Pedro Seromenho was born in Zimbabwe but currently resides in Braga in the north of Portugal. Holder of a degree in Economics, he published his first book in 2006 and has gone on to publish 18 children’s and young adult books to date.

By Michael Bruxo

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