Piodão is “utterly breathtaking”, says Huffington Post

It’s just a small place with little over 150 inhabitants, but it has been singled out by The Huffington Post as being an “adorable” Portuguese town “straight out of The Flintstones”.

Piodão, located in the borough of Arganil in central Portugal, has been featured by the American online newspaper as being “utterly breathtaking” due to the fact that it is made almost entirely of schist.

“Sometimes called ‘the nativity village’ for its quaint charm, Piodão was once a refuge for fugitives (eek!), but it’s now a popular tourist attraction for its rocky exteriors,” wrote the newspaper’s lifestyle editor Carly Ledbetter.

She explained that “due to the colour of the schist, which is used to build nearly everything in the little village, Piodão’s buildings appear monochromatic”.

“Even the windows and doors are painted the same colour! Local legend has it that the town was once so isolated, it only had one colour of paint – blue – so nearly everything that isn’t rock is painted the same shade,” Ledbetter added.
Piodão is the latest Portuguese delight to be singled out by the website.

Just a few weeks ago, The Huffington Post named the Azores a place that “needs to be on your bucket list” (see story ‘Azores a bucket list must, says Huffington Post’ at portugalresident.com)