Pingo Doce owning company grows in 2012

Jerónimo Martins group, which owns the Pingo Doce supermarket chain, grew 10% in 2012 from a trade volume of €9.8 billion to €10.8 billion, according to data released by the company.

The biggest growth was registered by Biedronka, a hypermarket chain owned by the Jerónimo Martins group in Poland.

Biedronka currently has 2,125 stores and represents 62% in the overall turnover of Jerónimo Martins. It ended the year with a turnover of €6.7 billion, which represents a rise of 16.3% on 2011.

The ambitious expansion plans in that country, which resulted in the opening of 263 new stores and a 16.3% increase in sales, are the reasons cited by the group for the positive performance.

Pingo Doce registered an increase of 3.1% in revenue from €3.2 billion to around €3.3 billion.