PINE BARK has received more than its fair share of attention in the press recently – and, unusually, the press has all been good.

While we are bombarded with Omegas and other things good for us, pine bark may be unknown to you. Pine bark is basking in the glory of being known as nature’s super antioxidant. It has been used for over 2,000 years for various ailments – one of the first known ailments it helped was scurvy, something we do not have to worry about here in Portugal. The list of things which pine bark can help treat or alleviate seems too good to be true. But we are reliably informed that its unique combination of organic acids, bioflavonoids and procyanidins makes for an exciting product.

For most of us, the knowledge that pine bark can reduce blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, as well as the antioxidant benefit of reducing inflammation in the body, should be enough for us to consider taking this supplement – if we are to take any.

Pine bark supplement is available under the name Pycnogenol in health food shops or can be obtained by contacting