Piercings ban proposal

A PROPOSED ban on tongue piercings for all people has been met with widespread criticism following its announcement at a Parliamentary meeting last week.

The bill, promoted by the Socialist party, prohibits the application of tongue piercings and for those under the age of 18, it prohibits any piercings, tattoos and make-up that has been permanently tattooed regardless of parental consent. Socialists believe that public health is being affected and they say part of the bill also aims to regulate the tattoo parlours and establishments that offer piercing services.

Orlando Monteiro da Silva from the national order of dentists said: “A tongue piercing is a health risk and could even lead to death if infections go untreated.”

Only approved and licensed tattoos parlours will be allowed to offer this service but will be inspected by ASAE.

People must also receive training to become qualified before they will be allowed to tattoo or pierce.

Following a great deal of criticism, the Socialist Youth Party has now proposed that the prohibition age be lowered to 16.

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