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Picture perfect

IF YOU’RE glamming it up in the fashion stakes this season, you should also make an effort when it comes to the rest of you.

You don’t just want your clothes to look good, your skin, hair and make-up should look beautiful too.

It goes without saying that drinking plenty of water every day will help your skin to glow, particularly important if you’re going to a Christmas party where there is likely to be plenty of mulled wine and champagne on offer.

If you do intend to drink alcohol at parties, remember to drink a glass of water between each glass of booze – your liver will thank you for it!

Now that your skin is glowing, how about your make-up? This Christmas, eye make-up is all about smouldering and the perfect palettes for that are different shades of brown, from mocha and cocoa to copper and caramel – the perfect colours to warm your skin. They also happen to be the ideal colour for practically all skin tones.

Regardless of eye and hair colour, there is a shade of brown to suit you.


For lips, almost anything goes. If you go for all out drama on your eyes, then avoid bright or dark colours on the lips, instead opt for a nude colour to enhance the eyes more. The more natural the eyes, the more dramatic the lips should be. Dark plums, reds or pinks – you choose.

There are some fabulous new ‘dos’ for hair this season – they can only be pulled off by the brave and confident though! Remember the crimpers from the 80s? Well, they’re back. But instead of resembling a crinkle-cut crisp, be sure to brush out the hair after crimping to give it an airy look.

The golden rule is always to work with clean hair. This style is great for those with fine hair as it gives extra volume.

Bold accessories are a must on the hair front. From pretty hair bands to big bright flowers, wear your hair accessories with pride this winter.

Another hairstyle big this season is the top knot – great to add a bit of height if you’re a little on the short side.

For girlie girls, braids are also big business and should be worn loose to keep some softness around the face.

All of these styles will look amazing when dressed up to the nines this Christmas.