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Picture perfect paintings

Paintings from two artists will feature in a summer exhibition at the Galeria Corte-Real, opening this weekend.

Artists Lara Cobden and Sarah Poland are both inspired by the natural world but have been selected by the gallery owners because of their contrasting painting techniques.

Lara Cobden produces botanically accurate flowers and birds and works directly from sketches completed in the field before adding her own personal and imaginative perspectives.

Her work has been exhibited widely in Ireland where she studied with the Crafts Council and she has received recognition in both the Irish Times and the Sunday Tribune in Ireland.

Meanwhile, Sarah Poland uses textured oil paint in an expressionist style to create paintings of flowers from memory, reinterpreting what she has seen in a

modern composition.

Over the opening weekend (tomorrow and Sunday) there will be selected summer wines and smoked salmon on soda bread baked by Jonnie Pratt at Bistro des Z’Artes.

Galeria Corte-Real is open from Thursday to Sunday from 11am until 5pm.  Please call 918 980 199 for further information.