Picnic in the Park receives presidential visitor

PICNICKERS ATTENDING the fund raiser for the Castelo de Sonhos charity were delighted when the President of Silves Câmara paid an unexpected visit to the Biological Gardens just outside Silves, where the event was being held, to show her support for the charity.

Accompanied by other members of her team, Dra Isabel Soares spent time talking, in English, to the mainly foreign community attending and thanked them for showing their generosity by supporting the evening. She also informed those present of her pleasure in having local residents, Verna Kinder and Susan Frew, on board for this election campaign and hoped that this would help the foreign community to have easier access to the local council to voice their opinions.

Although a little chilly, the evening was a great success, raising over 1,000 euros for the Castelo de Sonhos. While many provided their own food and drinks, there were others who happily helped themselves to the grilled sardines, salad and freshly baked bread provided in the ticket price, while enjoying the wonderful voice of singer Geoffrey King and the accordion playing of Nuno Duarte from Monchique. Belly dancer, Jeanette Elliott, was yet another talented performer, who drifted through the audience and was greatly appreciated.

As winter approaches, the money raised will be put to good use and some has already been used to fill the tank of the delivery van several times to transport food, blankets and clothing to those in need. Rents have been paid and some modernisation has already started in the charity shops.

Thanks are owed to all who helped make the evening a success and anyone wishing to know more about the work being done by the charity and how they can help Castelo de Sonhos, should ring D. Liliana on 963 452 479.