Pickpocket arrested for robbing English holidaymaker

POLICE IN Lagos recently arrested a 20-year-old Bulgarian pick-pocket, seen stealing the wallet of an English holidaymaker in the city centre. Apparently, the thief struck when the tourist had placed her handbag on the ground while taking a photograph. He took her purse which contained money and various credit cards, quickly attempting to conceal it and flee the scene. However, the victim’s partner realised what was happening and ran after the man.  

Members of Lagos criminal investigation department were near the scene as, during the summer season, they routinely patrol areas that attract high numbers of tourists. They were quickly informed of the incident and were able to pursue and intercept the thief just a few metres away from where the crime had taken place. He was then arrested and various goods, all believed to have been stolen, were recovered, and police say it is possible he was responsible for a further two robberies that occurred in Lagos. In addition, a mobile phone was found in his possession as well as various items reported stolen following a robbery that occurred in Setúbal.

Although police reinforcements are patrolling the popular tourist spots over the summer months, keeping a close watch on people and on activities within shopping centres, Faro Police Headquarters has issued a warning recommending that people should be careful not to leave their belongings unattended and to keep a close eye on any possessions.

The man detained was found to be an illegal immigrant and is now due to appear at Lagos Court.